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Power Saver

Category: Home Use


a. exclusive APS patented design (Anti-Power Shock). 

b. prevent leakage, electric shock, unplug the time of avoidi

Quality Assurance

1 through the United States UL testing: . E302379 ( first certified, direct plug- Plugin clipping efficient energy-saving products ).

2 through the EU CE testing: 95 -0291.

3 RoHs compliance with EU quality requirements of environmental protection directives.

The new patented invention [ 4 ]: power-saving devices.

China's State Intellectual Property Office new patent No.: 200620025611.2

Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Office new patent: patent number M294777

CQC China Quality Certification.

Product Features

1 fifth generation of wave Saver patents for the new century, for home, small and medium sized companies and business firms saving devices to improve power factor, to save power and reduce the effects of electricity; and voltage stability of electrical products current and prolong the life of appliances.

2 The product itself does not consume electricity, all-weather use 365 days 24 hours, will not increase the tariff burden. Suitable for air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, lights, computers and other everyday electrical appliances. ( But for electrical resistive heating [ such as ] the cooker, ovens, electric water heaters, etc., there was no saving effect.

3 mains into force of a single phase 110v or 220v. 60Hz/50Hz can be installed directly. (110v/220v irreplaceable installation, use according to the mains voltage specifications into force)

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