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Health Racket

Category: Massager

Product Features

  1. The innovative design of the T-shaped racket face saves effort in flapping and provides the best massage effect.
  2. The product is applicable for your neck, back, feet and joints.

 Product Disclaimers

  1. The product is only meant to be used for the tapping massage. Please do not utilize it for other purposes.
  2. In order to avoid physical discomfort, please do not pat excessively.
  3. Please refrain from patting within two hours after meals. After flapping, drink 500 c.c. of warm water instead of cold drinks.

 Non-Applicable Conditions

  1. Pregnancy, fractures, internal and external bleeding, and hyperlipidemia.
  2. People who have skin allergies and other health conditions should start patting a small area of the body. This should cause less discomfort, enabling you to gradually strengthen the force of patting over time.

Customized color: Red, green, yellow, blue, purple

Made in Taiwan.

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